March 2019
Posted at: 11 Mar 2019

Author Emerson Eggerichs in his book, Love and Respect, outlines three major cycles that a typical marriage faces: The Crazy Cycle, the Energizing Cycle and the Rewarding Cycle.  The Crazy Cycle is when he won’t...

March 2019
Posted at: 05 Mar 2019
Woman of God

Ladies, the world is in your ear. Dangerous. Your own voice is in your ear. Regularly dangerous. This image represents God’s voice in your ear (awesome and life-giving!) versus the world’s slander. The goal is...

Posted at: 01 Mar 2019
Additional Elders!

On February 17th we installed two more elders to our elder team!  Seth Apple and Kenny Perry are both godly men who Jesus has been raising up to be elders. They have served for years...

February 2019
Posted at: 08 Feb 2019
The GCC Senior Pastor and Wife Retreat

Here’s a snap shot of hundreds of GCC Pastors and Wives belting our praise and prayer to Jesus during this week’s annual Senior Pastor and Wife Retreat. The Great Commission Collective is our church network. Paul wrote...

Posted at: 04 Feb 2019
Fire Pit

Several weekends ago, we enjoyed some time around my neighbor’s epic fire pit. When it comes to fire pits, humans all over the planet do the exact same thing … drop what they were doing,...

January 2019
Posted at: 30 Jan 2019
Captain Planet

When I was a kid, I used to love watching Captain Planet. “Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! … By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!” As five kid heroes combined their environment-saving powers, Captain...

Posted at: 11 Jan 2019
Worship Leader Transition

Sunday, January 6th, I had the joy of sharing with the congregation God’s unfolded story of bringing on a new worship leader to Harvest Raleigh as well as the next seat on the bus for...

December 2018
Posted at: 27 Dec 2018
Meeting with God in 2019

This week, when you have a somewhat quiet moment, invest some time planning how you will meet with God in 2019. Below is some help.  We can meet with God? YES! The God of the...

Posted at: 26 Dec 2018

Over and over in God’s Word, we read of the faithfulness of God. Perhaps you aren’t feeling that right now. If you’re relating, I want to encourage you to look for mercies.  I’ve learned that...

December 2018