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Posted at: 12 Apr 2020
Sunday: Resurrection Day

Matthew 28 says that Mary and Mary ran from the empty tomb to tell the disciples that Jesus rose. As they were running, they ran into guess who?! Jesus! And Jesus said: “Greetings!” That Jesus...

Posted at: 09 Apr 2020
Good Friday: Fasting Guide

Good Friday Fasting  In Mark 2:18-20, some people asked Jesus why others fasted but His disciples were not fasting. Jesus said it was because He was with His disciples and that His disciples would fast when He...

Posted at: 09 Apr 2020
Maundy Thursday: Love One Another

Today is “Maundy Thursday”. As a kid, I used to think, “Who got confused and called ‘Thursday’ ‘Maundy’ and what accent is that anyway?!” “Maundy” is the shortened Latin word “mandatum” which means command. So…...

Posted at: 03 Apr 2020
Serving Our City

Church, here’s how we can help our City right now… Our friends at Raleigh Dream Center have been asked by Wake County Public School System and Wake County Human Services to coordinate meal give-aways at...

March 2020
Posted at: 31 Mar 2020
Quaint Worship this Easter

Easter is usually high time for the church. There are outreach events to love the community, special musical arrangements, higher attendance, family visiting from out of town, deviled eggs (ironic) and too cute four-year-old girls...

Posted at: 17 Mar 2020

During the closures and cancellations related to Covid-19, our heart is to serve the Raleigh community in any way we can. Of primary concern are kids and families who rely on the two meals a...

Posted at: 06 Mar 2020
Root to Fruit

Recently during a sermon about Abraham committing the same enormous sin… AGAIN, I shared this Biblical Counseling diagram*. The left side represents your soul planted in the soil of unbelief and pride. The right side represents...

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