The Power Jesus Supplies – Acts 1:1-11

September 18 2016

Series: Go In Power

The Power Jesus Supplies - Acts 1:1-11

The Power Jesus Supplies- Acts 1:1-11

Pastor Mike Willis

Big Idea: Jesus supplies you with 5 powers every day: Wield them.

1. Power of Salvation: The cross and the resurrection. (Acts 1:1-3)

Keys about Acts:
• Part 2 of 1 Book by Luke (Part 1 is Gospel of Luke) (v1)
• Jesus’ powerful ministry through His people. (v1 “all J began to do…”)
• The power of the Spirit in church formation and life (v2)
• The power of salvation & it’s spreading. (v3 “presented alive/suffering)
• Written with expectation that we will carry on the mission
2.  Power to be witnesses: The Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-8).
3. Power to be bold: Jesus reigns and will return (9-11).