Prayer that Causes Prison Break- Acts 12:1-17

May 14 2017

Series: Go In Power

Prayer that Causes Prison Break- Acts 12:1-17

Big idea: God loves to show off his presence, power and provision when we pray.


God hears our earnest prayers (1-5).

Prayer must have in balance two equal realities about God:
God’s omnipotence (power) and God’s sovereignty (will/plan).
Healthy prayer knows God is both powerful and has a plan.

  • We know God is omnipotent so we pray trusting His power. 
  • We know God is sovereign so we pray submitting to His will. 

God rescues us when we pray (6-11).

When you are praying for something, you be ready for God’s rescue: 

  • Wake up to God’s presence (7) 
  • Chains come off so leave them off (7) 
  • Get dressed (8) for action (8) 
  • Follow God out (9-10) 
  • Praise God personally (11)

God grows our faith through prayer (12-17).