Poised Church- Joshua 3:1-6

March 27 2017
Poised Church- Joshua 3:1-6

“Poised Church” Joshua 3:1-6


Poised definition for a church = Having a composed and God-assured manner.


A poised church sees God’s work in the past and in the future so we are confident in Him in the present.


Looking back: Know God has led us (1). 


God has led us!

1) Saved us

2) Formed us

3) Used us

4) Wowed us

5) Readied us


Today: Enjoy that God is leading us (2-4). 


What does poise today look like?

1) Trust God’s timing

2) Enjoy this moment


Looking forward: See that God is ahead of us (5-6). 


Consecration = the act of dedicating ourselves to worship and serve God. 


What’s our game plan?

  • Glorify God by making healthy disciples of Jesus. 
  • Worship Jesus personally and on Sunday mornings. 
  • Walk with Jesus personally and in a multiplying small group. 
  • Work for Jesus personally and on a serving team rallying others. 
  • Witness about Jesus personally and together toward souls saved.  


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