Meeting With God- Luke 11:1-2

July 23 2017
Meeting With God- Luke 11:1-2
“Meeting with God” Luke 11:1-2
Big idea: Meeting with God produces strong days. 
Commit time to meet with God (1a)
Prayer is being straight up with Who’s up toward what’s up. 
Make your plan to meet with God (1b)
Make your plan…Gather the tools
1) Nearby Bible
2) Reading plan
3) Time
4) Place
5) Journal
6) Pen
7) Beverage
Expect results from meeting with God (1c)
Having a daily meeting with God is not a Law. Meeting with God is a grace. 
Learn to meet with God (1d-2a)
His Name praised
His purposes advanced
My needs met
My debts forgiven
My paths protected