“Institutionalized Religion” Matthew 15:1-20

July 24 2022

Series: Kingdom Come

Big Idea: God desires sincere worship from the heart drawn close to Him.

Outline: Two Qualities of the Institutionalized Religion we must avoid:


  1. Their Worship Is Man-made (1-12)
    • They disregard God’s Law (3-6)
    • They are Hypocritical (7-9)
    • They Are Judgmental and Blind Guides(1-2, 12-14)
  2. Their Worship Is Misguided (10-11, 15-20)
    • Their focus is on the External
    • Their Sin reveals itself on the outside
      • Sinful thoughts defile (“evil thoughts”)
      • Sinful deeds defile (“acts of murder, adultery, sexual immorality, and thievery”)
      • Sinful words defile (“false testimonies, blasphemies”)