“Appearances” Matthew 22:15-22

December 6 2022

Series: disciple

Scripture: Matthew 22:15-22

Big idea: Being a disciple of Jesus isn’t only about new life – it’s also about true life.
You can’t trick Jesus (15-18).
Be the real deal (19-22).

A repentance prayer: Lord, I’ve been really fake with you and others, but you know me and love me no matter what. My Christian community loves me no matter what. I want to be real and stop hustling to keep up appearances and instead turn to abide in you. Help me to mature in You rather than wither in the false world of appearances. 

A prayer for us: Lord, you know our sin and shame. You know our hiding. Yet You come find us. Yet You sacrificed Yourself so we can be in fellowship with You again. May we as a church find our identity in Your death, burial and resurrection, knowing we are forgiven, adopted and sent to be the real deal.