All-Around Good Guys Get Saved- Acts 10

April 23 2017
All-Around Good Guys Get Saved- Acts 10

All-Around Good Guy gets Saved” Acts 10

Big Idea: God is so good that He spreads His good news to everyone.

Man seeks God (1-8).


Important to know:
God hears prayers of the unsaved
God is honored by godly living
Godly living is NOT enough for salvation
God makes plans for conversions

Messenger prepared (9-23).


Jesus shared (24-43).

  • God the Father sent Jesus (36)
  • Jesus delivers peace with God (36)
  • Jesus is Lord of all (36)
  • Jesus is the Messiah/Anointed/Christ (38)
  • Jesus has divine authority (38)
  • Jesus was crucified (39)
  • Jesus was raised from the dead (41)
  • Jesus will judge the living and the dead (42)
  • You can be forgiven by trusting Jesus for salvation (43)

God saves man (44-48).