Hold Fast

“Prodigal Son pt. 1” Luke 15:11-32

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“The Lovingkindness of God” 2 Samuel 9

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Big idea: We are, in Christ, recipients of the ongoing lovingkindness of God.
Pursues us to save us (1-4).
Romans 5:8
Adopts us as family (5-8).
Romans 8:15
Seats us at the table (9-13).

“The Servants of the Gospel” Romans 1:7-17

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“Jesus our Way” Hebrews 13:1-3

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Big idea: Because of our new life in Jesus, He is our new way of living.
We let brotherly love continue (1).
John 13:34-35
We show hospitality to strangers (2).
We help those who are suffering (3).

“Jesus and Faith that Sees” Hebrews 11:8-16

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Big idea: Faith transforms our living and longs because we see heaven ahead.
Daily faith (8-10)
Thinking faith (11-12)
Long faith (13-16)

“Merry Christmas! Jesus is our Hope!” Matthew 2:13-23

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“Merry Christmas! Jesus is our Hope!” Matthew 2:13-23
Big idea: Jesus is our hope because¬†He’s already survived all else.
The Lord’s omniscience is a hold fast for us in hard times (13-15).
The Lord’s plan persists despite terrible sorrows (16-18).
The Lord’s goodness can spread in any situation (19-23).

“Merry Christmas! Jesus our Savior!” Matthew 1:18-25

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“Hold Fast” Hebrews 10:23

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