Pray for our Build-Out of 2817

Pray for our Build-Out of 2817

We are embarking on an exciting build out of 2817 Spring Forest Rd, our new building.  As we described in our blog, we have closed on the building and are building it out in anticipation of it being available as our place of worship before Easter.  Here are some prayer requests for the building:

  1. The permits and city interactions will be smooth during the early turnout
  2. For the safety of all who volunteer and serve the church during the buildout
  3. Our hearts would be focused building the church out for Jesus’s glory and not for the glory of our church or any individual
  4. The contractors working on our building would see our faith and want to know Jesus or strengthen their faith through the interactions
  5. That our neighbors who own offices next door would see the love of Jesus through the interactions of everyone who they meet from Harvest Raleigh.

We have been blessed with this building by faith and we want to go out and pray for Jesus’s immediate impact even throughout the build out.  Please pray with us.

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