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Sep 2017
A Future Hope: A Glorified Body

My amazing wife and neighbors were helping me into the house this week after a Star Wars surgery involving lasers to break up a 7.3mm kidney stone and extract the debris. “Pew pew”. My neighbor Jim asked, “Anything you need, brother?” I responded, “A new body.” One day, I will get a new body … an eternal one. In......

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God our Firm Foundation
August 31, 2017

God our Firm Foundation

God cannot change for the better. Since He is perfectly holy, He has never been less holy than He is now and can never be holier than He is and has always been. Neither can...

Jesus Is Your Rest - Mark 2:23-3:6
July 20, 2017

Jesus Is Your Rest – Mark 2:23-3:6

Do you find your rest in ritual or in redemption? The Pharisees in Mark 2:23-3:6 were so concerned about the minute details that they missed the big picture; they missed Jesus’ message and mission. Jesus...

God is Emboldening You: Esther 7-8
July 13, 2017

God is Emboldening You: Esther 7-8

Boldness doesn’t come from your muscle or your personality, boldness comes from what you believe in. Esther believe in a faithful God and her knowledge of God helped her deliver God’s people. Ask yourself: What...

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