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Mar 2018

We believe firmly in the power of prayer! The fruit you see and feel is the result of prayer! Our plan this week is simple: 1) Pray everyday on your own using the guide below. 2) Your SG this week will meet to pray. 3) Everyone fast on Wednesday. 4) Come ready to worship Friday & Sunday! START WITH......

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It's Time
February 02, 2018

It’s Time

A pastor buddy and I were talking about the difference between Christianity in the north and in the south. In the north, little gray area … you love Jesus or hate Jesus. In the south, there...

Mastering Your Smartphone
January 24, 2018

Mastering Your Smartphone

Did you know your smartphone has more computing power than Apollo 11 that landed Americans on the moon? Did you know that alerts and notifications release the addiction-causing chemical dopamine into your brain? Even Apple shareholders...

Well: Patterns for Life
January 05, 2018

Well: Patterns for Life

Wellness is really what everyone is after. You. Me. Everyone. And everyone knows there are patterns to be well. Not just well on the surface, but well deep down, wellness that survives disease or falling...

Douglas Humphrey Interview
January 04, 2018

Douglas Humphrey Interview

Sunday we welcomed the Humphrey family who are planting a church in Southeast Raleigh! Listen to the interview, below, as well as Douglas’ sermon. Pray with them and us for a fruitful year toward planting Christ-exalting, Bible believing and...

Welcoming the Humphreys!
December 20, 2017

Welcoming the Humphreys!

Early this fall, a series of conversations began regarding planting another church here in Raleigh. Our elders had been sensing “Let’s begin planting in the Carolinas” and had been praying for God to show us...

Family Chat: Great Commission Collective
December 03, 2017

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