Let us tell you how great our God is

Our Humble Beginnings

On October 28th of 2008, 18 people gathered in a living room to begin the core group that would become Harvest Bible Chapel North Raleigh. We then moved to the media center of a local retirement community until we launched at Fox Road Elementary School on September 9th, 2009. Planting a church is not easy, but neither is it boring. We have observed the Lord provide answers to prayer and needs within hours. Observing this from front row seats has accelerated our faith toward great joy in our alive and enthroned Lord.

How We’ve Grown

Year one seemed to be about the importance of small groups. “Really? Two hours each week including Bible Study and accountability with other men or other women? That seems intrusive.” The result if personal change and fruitfulness has abounded in our lives.

Year two seemed to be about serving. There is a lot of work to do in a new church and frankly, it’s not en vogue at many churches for the entire church to serve a lot. “I don’t feel called to do this” became “I am called to love Christ’s bride, the church, and help her flourish.”

Year three was about lifting our eyes and international missions. We engaged an unreached people group in West Africa. “4-5 teams of 4 per year? How can we afford this and train and send these teams? Who would be bold enough to go?” By God’s grace, He keeps providing and leading that people group to Himself.

Year four was about joy in Jesus and His resurrection. Not joy in being good church attenders nor joy in worldly things which will wither, but joy in Jesus. He is risen. He is alive. He has forwarded His life to us so we are living within this fullness of joy.

Our Hopeful Future

Year five is about Believe Jesus. Pastor Mike is preaching through the gospel of John. Do you believe everything Jesus says? Do you believe enough to do everything Jesus says to do? These questions, answered with belief, will spring boldness and prayer, two of our ministry pillars.

We hope to engage an unreached people group here in Raleigh. We hope to be further equipped in evangelism and be further accustomed to a dependency on prayer. These are our current character goals as a church. We hope to start more neighborhood and work place Bible studies so others can get in the Bible with an already existing friend. We hope to one day plant another Harvest in Raleigh, or Charlotte, or Greensboro, or Greenville or wherever the Lord leads us. We hope to continue being intentional with vision but also responsive to what opportunities the Lord lays in our laps.

Your Involvement

We want you to Believe Jesus with us. We want you to love God and love others with us. We want you to be transformed by God with us. We want you to join us on the front row of what God is doing at Harvest.