Mike Willis – Lead Pastor / Elder

Nearing the end of seminary, a godly man from Harvest Bible Fellowship with Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicagoland called me and asked me about being a church planter. Long story short, Vanessa and I moved there for eight months for dynamic hands-on training at Harvest under the leadership of some giants of the faith. It was through this process that the LORD led us back to Raleigh to plant Harvest Bible Chapel North Raleigh, the 40th Harvest Bible Chapel. I live and labor that Jesus would be known, worshiped, and served in Raleigh and the world.

I grew-up in Raleigh and heard about Jesus from my parents and camp counselors. I started dating my wife, Vanessa, after we graduated from NC State University. Between my Sophomore and Junior years, I spent a summer in Spain studying abroad and it was there that I first understood God’s calling on me to be a Senior Pastor. We have four kids: Maddie, Luke, Ben and Evie. Vanessa and I have had the joy of serving Jesus overseas in Kenya and Jordan. I received a seminary degree from Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.). During seminary, I was privileged to start and lead a college ministry in Dallas.

Jason Kennedy – Elder

I’ve had the joy and privilege of being around a lot of fantastic people in my life. My wife, Julie, my family, church leaders and men in college invested in me and helped me grow as a disciple of Jesus. I have two boys, Jason Jr. and William, and a daughter Fields. We like to dig, build and admire mom together.

After several years of rich learning at the church where I met my wife, we decided that we wanted to be a part of a new thing; something where we could apply the things we had learned and be a blessing to others. About that time, the Willis’ showed up in Raleigh ready to plant Harvest and the Lord showed us that this is exactly where He wants us. Since then, we have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and joy of serving Christ at Harvest. I am privileged to serve on the worship team as drummer.

Tim Horton – Elder

I distinctly remember the first time I picked up a Bible to read it because I wanted to know what it really said. I had read the Bible for years and from a very young age, but it was always because someone had asked me to open my Bible and read it. On that day, for the first time, I read about a God who loved me with a deep, deep love and I knew, at that moment, that I wanted to serve Him for the rest of my life with all of my energy. Christ’s love for the church is the most powerful thing that I know and the cross and resurrection are the greatest demonstrations of that power that man has ever seen. My life has a new purpose because of Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

I love Harvest because we are a faith family who, amidst the good and bad of life, walk with one another as we walk with Christ. I am passionate about small groups, because they have been a great tool of spiritual transformation in my life. I am also really energized by church planting because it is the radical place where the sharp edge of the knife cuts into the greatest darkness in the world by rescuing people who have been blinded for generations.

I met my wife, Kate, while we were both participating in church planting overseas. I have two daughters, Mary Wallace and Legare, and a son Asa. Our family likes to get out of town and see new things, see the leaves change in October and play on the beach in the summer. We look forward to meeting you soon!