Practical Steps to Engage with the Scripture

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Let’s approach studying God’s Word this new year not as a task but as a treasure, an opportunity to deepen our relationship with God and each other. Here are some practical steps to engaging with the Scripture. 

1.     Pray Before and After Reading: Start and end your reading with prayer. Ask God for understanding and guidance as you read, and thank Him for the insights you gain.

2.     Familiarize with the Plan: Start by thoroughly understanding the structure of the 2024 reading plan. Know the sequence of books and chapters and how the plan integrates with the calendar year.

3.     Set a Daily Routine: Consistency is key. Whether it’s early morning, during a lunch break, or before bed, find a time that works and stick to it.

4.     Small Groups: Reading and discussing the daily passages with your small groups fosters community and accountability.

5.     Journal Your Thoughts and Reflections: Keep a journal to write down your thoughts, questions, and insights as you read. This practice can help you process and apply what you’ve read to your life.

6.     Use Resources: Utilize study Bibles, commentaries, and Bible study guides. Several excellent free online resources are available to help understand God’s Word. These resources offer a range of tools, from Bible translations and commentaries to study guides and devotionals. I have listed a few notable ones below.

7.     Meditate on Scripture: Spend time meditating on a particular verse or passage. Reflect on its meaning and relevance to your life.

8.     Apply the Word: Actively seek ways to apply what you’ve read in your daily life. This could involve changing a habit, making a decision, or offering kindness and help to others.

9.     Memorize Scripture: Choose key verses to memorize. This practice helps you internalize God’s Word and recall it in times of need.

10.  Share Insights with Others: Share what you learn with family and friends. Discussing Scripture with others can open new avenues of understanding and encouragement.


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