Worship Devotional – Feb. 27th, 2022

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The Great Joy Of Salvation

Luke 10:17-20

When the 72 follower came back from their trip, they were very happy.

They said, “Lord, even the demons obeyed us when we used your name!”

Jesus said to them, “I saw Satan falling like lightning from the sky.

He is the enemy, but know that I have given you more power than he has.

I have given you power to crush his snakes and scorpions under your feet. Nothing will hurt you.

Yes, even the spirits obey you. And you can be happy not because you have this power, but because your names are written in heaven.

Power Over Satan

Jesus says something that blows my mind in this passage. He says, “Know that I have given you more power than he (Satan) has.” (v. 19). Often, it doesn’t feel like I have more power than Satan. It feels like I’m trying to hold on to the edge of the door frame so, Satan doesn’t drag me away. But, Jesus says it in this passage. Through him, we have been given the power to crush Satan’s snakes and scorpions under our feet.

I find that, when I know something is true but, I don’t feel like it’s true, it’s because I’m not believing that it’s true. Do we believe by faith that Jesus has given us power over Satan? We have power through the holy spirit to overcome our sin!

The Joy of Salvation

The other thing that stands out to me in this passage is the instruction from Jesus in what to rejoice in. We’re not supposed to be happy in the power over Satan but instead, we are to rejoice because our name are written in heaven. Rejoice in the joy of our salvation! Jesus died on the cross and gives us the Holy Spirit so, we would be reconciled to him. Not to have dominion over this world but, to not be of this world.

Open Up The Heavens

Over All I Know

Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me


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