Grow in 2017 – Bible Reading Plans

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Throughout this year, I have opened up my YouVersion Bible app, seen what my Bible reading is for the day and started to read. The result has been reading the Bible consistently and growing in my relationship with the Lord. I had a plan. The app helped me execute the plan.

What will be your plan for spiritual growth in 2017? Why not make your plan before January 1 so you can click “start plan” when that Sunday is here?

Below are some great Bible reading plan resources, prayer resources and Scripture memory resources.

The Harvest Raleigh Plan

This is a 1 year entire Bible reading plan that takes you through the Old Testament in the order that Jesus read it. The benefit? You capture book transitions which help highlight how the Old Testament is a huge arrow to Jesus!

The Overview Plan

This plan moves you through the “big picture” of the Bible through very important texts. It’s a great plan for starters or for zooming out.

The Colorful Plan

This plan allows you to jump around in your reading but also read enough per day so you can meet your reading goal. This is the plan I used this past year. When I was reading the Old Testament, I picked a youversion New Testament in 60 day plan, finished it, then checked off the New Testament on this sheet.

The DJ Plan  Also available on YouVersion

This plan combines genres of Scriptures into each day. The benefit is you are working through each section of the Bible a little each day. Each section has a different feel but they all point to Jesus and deliver impact.

The YouVersion Plan

Browse YouVersion Bible reading plans, make your pick(s) and click “start plan” on January 1st. I will choose one of these plans and do most of my Bible reading with my print Bible but use the app to stay on target and check my progress. The Chronological Plan and ESV Study Bible Plan are great.

The Gospel Project Plan

Harvest Kids and Harvest Students use The Gospel Project Chronological Plan on Sundays and throughout the week for family or personal devotions with the Lord. If you order the seasonal edition of The Gospel Project, you will read the Bible including studying it in 3 years … and you will be doing so in the same Bible books as your kids or those you lead on Sundays in Harvest Kids. Be sure you get TGP for Adults. Our church is on the chronological plan, currently in “Exile and Return”. For even more, visit

Now, pick one and get excited to grow in 2017  starting Sunday, January 1!

Next posts in the “Grow in 2017” series will be on prayer, journaling and Scripture Memory.